Christine G. Zonca was born in India the 22nd of July under the sign of Leo. She lived there for 8 years and then moved to Italy (both her parents are Italian); after a few movements in the Italian territory (Varese, north and then Città della Pieve, centre), she moved to Spain, exactly Canary Islands (Tenerife). Four years in Tenerife, studying English and learning Spanish, to then move again to Fuerteventura, where her actual house is. She then decided to (how strange!) take a plane to UK to study a career of Motorsport Engineering.

Christine didn’t start rallying at an early age as it took her some time to enter ‘this world’ from scratch; her parents weren’t petrol heads (even though her grandmother used to be both a rally driver and a journalist for a car magazine), and at the beginning her car-passion wasn’t very welcome in the family…

She started by helping out at the neighbour’s garage, slowly bought her own chassis of a Golf gti (MKII) until preparing her Corolla which is the car she actually races with. Her last project for this 2015 is to prepare her street legal car (Subaru Impreza GC8) into a full gravel spec rally car.

Her first year was 2014; she competed in the Canarian Championship of Gravel with her FWD Toyota Corolla, achieving the win of both the Championship of 2wheel drive, her category (B4) and the Provincial Championship too.

This 2015, Christine will be competing in the Canarian Championship again (gravel and tarmac this time), and she is looking forward to finish the preparation of the Subaru to be able to test it during the year and make an evolution into a 4x4!